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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Thanksgiving Plans Are Revealed & They Don’t Include the U.S.

New details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Thanksgiving plans have surfaced and, despite earlier reports, it would seem the royal couple is staying put in the U.K. for turkey day. Not everything about the initial rumors changed, though — according to’s Charlie Lankston, Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland will be involved in this year’s Thanksgiving for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Lankston gave Access the scoop, spilling, “We understand that Harry and Meghan had originally planned to spend Thanksgiving in L.A., but our sources tell us that is now not the case and they will be spending Thanksgiving in London and that Meghan’s mother Doria will fly over and spend Thanksgiving with them in the U.K..” Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t formally celebrated in the U.K, but there are plenty of ex-pats in the area who do observe it. This year, Meghan will reportedly be one of them!

She and Ragland are expected to “bring a taste of the American tradition” to London. And since Meghan and Harry enjoy cooking together — they were famously roasting a chicken the night he proposed — the good prince will probably be part of the kitchen prep, too. Lankston also told Access that she wouldn’t be surprised to see all three volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen to embody the spirit of the holiday.

As for Christmas, well, that’s trickier at the moment. The royal family has already officially acknowledged that Harry and Meghan won’t be participating in the Queen’s annual festivities. Lankston confirmed to Access that this still stands.

“It is kind of understood, generally speaking, that the entire royal family spends at least a small amount of time at Sandringham with the Queen, with Prince Philip, and with the rest of the royal family. So, the fact that Harry and Meghan would choose to spend Archie’s first Christmas elsewhere does kind of come across to some as being a bit of a snub, particularly when you take into account all of the other reporting that has been done on the fact that there has been a bit of a rift between the couple and the rest of the royal family,” the royal correspondent explained. “I think it’s difficult for anyone not to read into this as being a little bit more than just a decision to spend Christmas elsewhere.”

Having said that, Harry and Meghan have openly expressed their desire to take some time off from royal life to just be a family. And that makes sense, right? This is baby Archie’s first Christmas, so they probably want to spend it a little more low-key. According to Lankston, that likely means head to American soil for Christmas with Ragland and Meghan’s other California friends and family.

“I think staying at Doria’s house would potentially be a little bit tricky for the royal protection officers to mastermind, but I do think that Meghan will want to see it. She’ll want to be at home with her mother at least for a small amount of the trip,” said Lankston, who predicts Harry and Meghan will try to “take private time and very much enjoy that space as a family.”

That sounds like a pretty happy holiday season to us.

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