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Victoria & David Beckham Both Swear By the Same Anti-Aging Moisturizer That ‘Blew Them Away’

Have you ever wondered why it is some celebrities just don’t age? Aside from their natural good looks and having piles and piles of money to buy whatever they might possibly ever want — what gives? Is it magic? For perma-beautiful couple David and Victoria Beckham, the secret is in the skincare.

When Victoria Beckham attended a panel at the Violet Grey headquarters in Los Angeles to discuss the debut of her first skincare product in the Victoria Beckham Beauty personal-care line, she revealed the product both she and her husband use religiously, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer was developed in conjunction with skincare guru and biomedical scientist Augustinus Bader, whom Beckham calls a “genius.”

Augustinus Bader Victoria Beckham

Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer $145

Before discussing her product, Beckham admitted both she and her husband, footballer David Beckham, swear by Bader’s products for keeping their skin looking beautiful. Bader’s skincare line “just blew me away,” Beckham gushed, adding, “And it blew my husband away. We’ve both been using the skincare day and night” — moderator Cassandra Grey chimed in, noting the footballer’s “very good skin” to which Beckham agreed, “he’s got very good skin”.

Beckham also explained that, despite reports to the contrary, Bader’s products are all she uses. “The amount of people that have claimed I use their products is quite astonishing,” she said. “But the truth is I’ve been using Augustinus’ cream since it came out.”

The pair’s “groundbreaking” moisturizer features antioxidant-rich black tea ferment and avocado oil (among other scientifically-backed ingredients). At $145, it’s a splurge, but hey — if it is at all responsible for the Beckham’s eternally youthful skin, it is definitely worth it.

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