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Michelle Obama & Ellen DeGeneres Show Off Their Musical Chops With a Duet

Talk about a talented pair of friends! Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres have a new duet — haven’t you heard? It’s gonna be a chart-topper. Okay, okay, maybe not quite. But it is funny and sweet, and a great example of women supporting each other in their endeavors. It all went down when Obama stopped by DeGeneres’ house on Wednesday night to discuss her new book. The rest, as they say, is (musical) history.

Fortunately for us, we live in the social media age, so Obama shared her visit with DeGeneres on Instagram. In the video, DeGeneres plays her piano and starts singing, “Michelle Obama has a new book!” Obama then jumps in the frame to harmonize with her friend, correcting, “It’s actually a journal.” Still singing, DeGeneres asks for the title which, well, turns out to be more than a simple lyric. “It’s the Becoming Journal,” responds Obama. “The purpose of the journal is to write down your own story of Becoming… to chronicle your memories, your thoughts, your ideas, your impressions, because every story matters. Even yours, Ellen.”

At that point, DeGeneres seizes the opportunity to show off her range again. “Even mine…” the talk show host sings, followed by in unison chants with Obama of “What is my story?” Obama closes the clip by singing, “Who are you becoming?”

It might be our new favorite song.

We can’t blame the women for being in a great mood, either. The 2020 Grammy nominations were released this week, and both made the list. Obama’s best-selling memoir Becoming got a nod for Best Spoken World Album, while DeGeneres’ Relatable is up for Best Comedy Album.

Capitalizing on the success of her memoir, Obama’s new book — or journal, as she points out in the clip — serves as a sort of companion piece. Titled Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice, the new project features an intro from Obama herself, along with 150 aspirational questions and quotes to encourage readers to catalog their thoughts and stories.

Now, we’re not sure what we’re more pumped about: the journal or a potential duets album from Obama and DeGeneres.

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