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Our 7 Favorite Mandy Moore Moments From This Is Us

This Is Us is a truly special show for so many reasons: It’s compulsively watchable, it tackles tough issues like mental health, addiction, racism, and death with true sensitivity — and it gives us an important weekly reminder that one of our nostalgic faves, Mandy Moore, is a serious force to be reckoned with both onstage and onscreen.

If you need to be reminded of Moore’s stage prowess, look no further: The multi-hyphenate has announced an upcoming tour — her first in over a decade — during which she’ll perform both new and old music (we can only hope she’ll break out an acoustic version “Candy”.) The tour kicks off in March but tickets are now available!

In honor of Mandy Moore returning to the stage let’s celebrate the stars’ luminous, commanding onscreen presence. As the matriarch on This Is Us, Moore routinely breathes life into the drama via her portrayal of Rebecca Pearson. We’ve seen her play Rebecca as a young woman, an aging woman, a new mother, a grieving widow and so much more. If recent episodes are any indication, the character is likely facing the onset of some serious health crisis — this means we’ll undoubtedly be seeing more incredible performances from the talented actress. But let’s go back to the beginning because Moore’s work as Rebecca has been stellar from day one.

Here are seven of our favorite Rebecca Pearson moments thus far.

Rebecca confronts her son’s birth father

Early motherhood is so fraught with emotions and Moore does such a powerful job of showing us how overwhelmed — desperate even — her character is here.

Rebecca calls out her mom

There’s something so special about Rebecca and her son Randall’s relationship, and we see how fiercely she protects him against her own mother here. Moore’s performance is so spot-on: You can just feel Rebecca’s disgust when she accuses her mom of being racist.

Rebecca fights with Jack

Moore has called her onscreen marriage relationship goals, and we couldn’t agree more. But let’s not forget that even the most goal-worthy relationships are imperfect, and Moore plays her frustrations with her onscreen husband so well.

Rebecca fights FOR Jack

And the real reason Rebecca and Jack are relationship goals? The fact that they fight for their relationship even when it’s hard. Moore and Milo Ventimiglia have such solid chemistry as actors, particularly in these heavy scenes.

Rebecca…well, you know

Yup, that scene. The one where Rebecca Pearson learns she’s become a widow and…takes a big bite of her candy bar. Moore truly fires on all cylinders here, playing the storyline in a way that’s so subtle and unexpected. And her reaction when she sees her husband’s body? Gutting.

Rebecca defends Jack’s memory

The mother’s desire to protect her children’s memory of their late father comes through so strongly in Moore’s performance in this scene. The storyline may revolve around the character of Kevin, but Moore truly owns this scene.

Rebecca grapples with her mysterious illness

The show’s fall finale began to delve into Rebecca’s illness, which was teased in the previous season’s finale. It appears Rebecca is dealing with some sort of dementia, but we’ll have to wait to see how it all shakes out —and we’ll no doubt see some incredibly nuanced work from Moore when we do.

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