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Why Can’t We Stop Laughing at These #GonnaTellMyKid Memes?

While browsing through Twitter we happened upon a hashtag we’d never seen before: #GonnaTellMyKids. That, of course, took us down a meme wormhole, and we’ve now emerged to show off the best #GonnaTellMyKids memes trending on Twitter right now.

Don’t worry — we’re going to explain what the heck #GonnaTellMyKids even means. According to the lifesaving website Know Your Meme, Gonna Tell My Kids is a Twitter joke that originated in September and started to really pick up steam on Nov. 12.

Here’s how they describe the format of the joke: “Twitter users say they will tell their kids the image they posted is of a certain celebrity.  Although the image is never actually the celebrity, many of the images share some characteristics with the celebrity or historical figure mentioned.”

For example, one of the tweets that led to this trend shows a photo of Lil Wayne with the caption, “Im telling my kids this is Bill Gates.”

Starting to make sense? Personally, we’ve found the best way to learn is to look at 30 or 40 examples until it really starts to sink in — in other words, keep scrolling. Here are a few basic ones to start you off.

The real beauty of this meme? It’s got something for everyone. Jersey Shore fans?

Succession fans?

Real Housewives fans?

Not a TV watcher? That’s fine — we’ve got memes for bands, movies, and deep-cut celeb humor too.

Be honest — at least one of these made you laugh.

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