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These Kelly Clarkson Show Moments Will Melt Your Heart

If you haven’t been watching The Kelly Clarkson Show, well, it’s time to get started — and since NBCUniversal announced the daytime talk series has been renewed through the 2020-2021 season, you’ll have even more of a chance. Of course, if you have been watching you know you’re in for some serious cuteness which shouldn’t come as a surprise — like Clarkson herself, the show is funny, warm, dynamic and super-endearing. Plus, it’s been killing it in the ratings, with its premiere scoring the highest debut for a new syndicated show in almost a decade.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is connecting with viewers in a unique way and we are so happy to build on that momentum, bringing Kelly’s brand of humor, heart, and, of course, the incredible ‘Kellyoke,’ to stations for a second season,” Tracie Wilson, executive vice president of creative affairs at NBC, said in a statement when the renewal was announced.

And Wilson touched on a major truth — the reason the show is so successful is that Clarkson isn’t just getting on stage and talking at people. She’s talking to them. She’s interacting with them. She’s creating moments and lots of them. The following favorites should inspire you to watch or, if you already do, make you look forward to a second season even more.

Dads Brushing Their Daughters Hair

Two dads became a viral sensation after posting videos of themselves doing their daughter’s hair which later inspired (the now Oscar-winning short film) Hair Love. 

Kindness Matters

When a 10-year-old named Maddie visited the show, she explained why she started a “Kindness Club” at her school — and, yep, it’ll totally melt your heart. Clearly, we now want to join the Kindness Club, too.

Cake Smash Cuteness

When Clarkson caught wind of the fact that baby Iris had her birthday cake smash in a room designed to look like The Kelly Clarkson Show set, the host couldn’t resist booking the little beauty. What followed was an interview that was sweet in every sense of the word.

The Call of the Kookaburra

There are so many things to love about this episode. First, you’ve got Robert and Bindi Irwin — the children of the late great Steve Irwin. Throw in a kookaburra bird, Kelly Clarkson and Kristin Chenoweth showing off her bird-harmonizing skills, and you’ve got a clip that could make anyone smile.

The ‘Aquaman’ Interrogation

Just when we thought Jason Momoa was our most favorite cameo ever, along came Clarkson’s kids, 5-year-old River and 3-year-old Remy. The siblings tossed a few hardball questions at the actor about his role as Aquaman, and we’re almost positive our ovaries exploded in the process.

Horse Cuddling with Chrissy Teigen

Mini therapy horses on their own are adorable. Mini therapy horses being snuggled by Chrissy Teigen, crawling on the floor in heels and a dress to maximize cuddle proximity, is almost too much to bear.

The Power of Family

This episode proves that not only is Clarkson having fun, but she’s also furthering important dialogue. In a seriously touching segment, one family shares the story of their youngest child’s adoption — and then gets a surprise visit from the little boy’s biological father, who thanked them for loving the little boy. Brb, bawling our eyes out.

Because, Toddlers

Part of the fun of the show’s first season has been seeing different segments as Clarkson introduces them, and one of the cutest by far has been “Because Toddlers.” In this clip, she introduces the two-year-old boy who went viral when his dad filmed him ranting about not getting kisses from his mom as she left for work. Be still, our hearts!

Heart-to-Heart With the Legendary Kobe Bryant

The late ballplayer and father of four opened up about taking Brandy to prom, doing the running man, singing Disney tunes and coaching his daughter’s basketball team. This video will always have a special place in our hearts.

Once Upon a Time…

When a woman with one arm created her own version of Cinderella with a glass arm instead of a glass slipper, she set into motion a wave of inspiration for young girls with prosthetics. One — a 7-year-old named Mimi — even stopped by. Get out the Kleenex; you’ll need them for this one.

Airing a Little Dirty Laundry

New Girl‘s Max Greenfield stopped by with a basket of laundry, which prompted Clarkson to reveal that her sister has a coded meaning for “folding laundry” in her household (parents, we all have some variation of “folding laundry,” right?). Greenfield is predictably charming as can be in this interview, and Clarkson’s candor cracks us up.

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