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We Can’t Look Away From This 1996 Video of Hillary Clinton Doing the Macarena

If Hillary Clinton could turn back time, what year do you think she’d go back to? A recently resurfaced video of Hillary doing the Macarena at the 1996 DNC makes a strong case that this was the former Secretary of State’s happiest year — just look at how carefree she is! Look at that smile!

Admittedly, there’s something haunting about the whole video, given the Democratic party’s current state of despair. The footage, tweeted by Samuel D. Finkelstein II on Nov. 5, shows a crowded room filling with grinning, dancing people as far as the eye can see.

“The 1996 DNC is basically what I imagine hell to look like,” Finkelstein writes — but some commenters beg to disagree.

Watching this 1996 C-SPAN clip, it’s hard to even know where to look: the gold sequined blazer? the insane collection of ’90s pantsuits? the hundreds of red, white, and blue balloons — and the one cow-shaped balloon inexplicably floating next to them? And my god — have you ever seen a group of people do the Macarena so enthusiastically in your life?!

Then, of course, there’s Hillary herself. From her blonde bob to her pale pink jacket, she’s perfectly groomed, and radiating sincere, unmitigated joy. 1996 was a simpler time: Hillary was America’s First Lady at the time, and was two years from seeing her husband impeached — not to mention, 20 years from losing her own presidential run to Donald Trump.

With Trump’s impeachment hearings now underway, 2019 is heading for an exhausting finish, with the expectation that tensions will only rise through 2020.

So, let’s all take a breath, put this video on repeat, and let the blaring Macarena soundtrack take our worries away. At least for today, let’s all live like it’s 1996.

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