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Kelly Ripa Gets Las Vegas Bachelorette Party She Never Had, Complete With Secret Stripper

What happens in Vegas, well, definitely doesn’t stay in Vegas — not if you’re talking about Kelly Ripa’s belated bachelorette party in Las Vegas anyway. On Monday, Ripa and Live! co-host Ryan Seacrest cued up a week of show’s taking place in Sin City, broadcasting from the Paris Theatre at Paris Hotel and Casino. And since Ripa eloped with now-husband Mark Consuelos in the city 23 years ago but never got to experience a proper Vegas bachelorette party, the ladies of Live! decided to give it to her. Naturally, hilarity ensued during Ripa’s “never too late” night out.

In a video tribute to the shenanigans, Ripa’s Live! co-workers (or, as she refers to them, her “bride tribe”) ambush her in the hallway to inform her of their plans. To ensure Ripa got the quote-unquote last hurrah of her dreams, they would be following the five tenets of a quintessential Las Vegas bachelorette party: check out the city with cocktails; do something erotic; do something tasty; dance, dance, dance; and have a surprise stripper show up.

The ladies started at LINQ’s High Roller, a 550-foot-tall Ferris Wheel overlooking the city, to get their drink on. Ripa made it clear quickly which “official rule” she was looking forward to most — the surprise stripper!  After confirmed LINQ’s bartender was not, in fact, said exotic dancer, the ladies moved on to their next locale.

For their “do something erotic,” the gals hit up provocative variety show Absinthe, where an acrobatic man wearing very little took a bath on stage and seductively spun in the air. By the end of the show, Ripa had climbed onto the stage to ask the performer if he’d be her secret stripper and to compliment him on his, ahem, rubber ducky.

For their “do something tasty,” Ripa and her bride tribe made a visit to Lisa Vanderpump’s Cocktail Garden in Caesar’s Palace to partake of some gorgeous cake. And, you know, for Ripa to assume the pastry chef was her secret stripper. Spoiler alert? He was not.

The ladies wrapped up their night of Vegas bachelorette debauchery at the Marquee Night Club at the Cosmopolitans Las Vegas. There, Ripa asked the deejay — you guessed it — if he was her secret stripper. Alas, she ultimately resigned to getting back in the limo at the end of the night without having achieved the fifth official rule of a Vegas bachelorette party… or so she thought.

Just when she’d given up all hope, an older gentleman dressed as a cop appeared. “Excuse me ladies, I think we’ve got a problem here, and I have a solution,” he said, at which point Ripa got into the act, dancing with her not-so-secret-anymore stripper. As the video ended and Seacrest joked he “couldn’t unsee” it, Ripa promised, “No actual strippers were hurt in the making of that piece.”

Of course, even without an official bachelorette party, Ripa came out on the winning end after her elopement to Mark Consuelos 23 years ago. Just last week when People magazine honored the Riverdale actor for his smoldering good looks, Consuelos called him “the Sexiest Man Alive year after year.”

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