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Kimberly Williams-Paisley Shares Vacation Video of Brad Paisley Comically Struggling Against Ocean Waves

Need a good laugh? Well, look no further than the vacation video Kimberly Williams-Paisley just shared of Brad Paisley at the beach — or, to be more specific, the country superstar being thrashed by ocean waves as he attempts to bodysurf. Paisley’s comically awkward sea struggle is funny in and of itself, but it’s his wife’s reaction that really makes this vacation video a work of art.

On Friday, Williams-Paisley shared a few selfies that made it clear she and Paisley had migrated to somewhere sunny and tropical on vacation. And thanks to the vacation video she then shared on Saturday afternoon, we can deduce she and Paisley were traveling with Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen. In the laugh-out-loud video, Paisley and Kershaw (sort-of) bodysurf a wave into shore. As Paisley starts to get up and walk toward the beach, another wave creeps up and bowls him over.

It’s at that point, while Paisley and Kershaw are still floundering, that Williams-Paisley bursts into hysterical laughter. “@bradpaisley and @claytonkershaw are the definition of grace and athleticism,” Williams-Paisley joked in the caption, adding, “Thx for documenting @ellenkershaw!” Fans found the moment pretty LOL-inducing, too. One summed it up perfectly, commenting, “I feel like there is no greater pleasure for a wife at the beach than seeing her husband get knocked down by the ocean.”

Earlier this week, Paisley made headlines not for his sea prowess (or lack thereof), but because he didn’t host the CMAs alongside Carrie Underwood for the first time in over a decade. Although fans began to wonder aloud on social media why he didn’t even show up to the awards show, Dolly Parton — who, along with fellow icon Reba McEntire, helped Underwood host — clued everyone in to Paisley’s whereabouts.

“Thanks to Brad Paisley for stepping back and letting us get out and do our thing tonight,” she said after the show’s opening number. “He and Kimberly are on vacation; we know they’re watching. We miss you, Carrie’s missing you a lot. But we told her to suck it up, she’s got the two of us.”

If Paisley had to miss the CMAs, Parton and McEntire seem like pretty solid substitutes, right? And a dreamy beach locale seems like a worthy swap as well. Besides, after seeing Williams-Paisley’s video, everyone can undoubtedly agree that Paisley needs all the time in the water he can get to become one with the waves.

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