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Prince Harry Took Archie to Playgroup for the First Time & Made Cute Little Dad Jokes Too

It’s royal baby playtime! In our latest update on highly involved dad Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was seen with a special companion on her latest jaunt out with Archie. That’s right — Harry brought Archie to playgroup with Meghan for the first time and even cracked a dad joke about his famous red hair while he was there. Harry’s clearly loving being a parent, and we’re loving the look on him too.

So, how did we get this precious information? A source told People that Harry showed up with his family, adding that he “wasn’t the only dad there!” We found out just last week that Archie was attending this playgroup, which mom Meghan announced at the WellChild awards.

This source can also confirm that six-month-old Archie has been loving his playgroup, telling the magazine that, “Archie had a fantastic time.” Obviously, we’re starving for more details — and luckily, this source can provide those too. “He was crawling around,” adding, “and was particularly taken with two other red-haired babies.” Archie! And two other red-haired babies! Would it kill these people to share a few photos?!

This source, the gift who keeps on giving, had one final zinger to unload. While watching Archie Harrison crawl around with his new friends, Harry had the greatest response. “Gingers stick together!” the Duke joked.

The news has been rich with Archie updates lately, from this new detail about his red-haired besties to last week’s revelation that Archie now has two baby teeth. And of course, yesterday’s photo, in which Archie looks like the perfect little potato that he is. (Side note: is it weird to think this much about a baby we’re not related to?)

The point is, keep the Archie news coming — and, the news that Harry is taking an active role in parenting. If there’s anything better than baby pics, it’s a fair division of labor in the home. Am I right, ladies?

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