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Watch Alex Rodriguez Drool Over ‘Dream Date’ Jennifer Lopez

Hey, when you know, you just know! And it turns out Alex Rodriguez always knew he wanted to be with Jennifer Lopez. And that’s not just a romantic notion — but a proven fact, evidenced in a recently resurfaced video that shows Rodriguez himself speaking on the matter over 20 years ago.

The clip from 1998, which popped up again this past summer, shows Rodriguez referring to Lopez as his “dream date.” (In fairness, J-Lo, is a lot of people’s dream date — but not everyone gets to put a ring on it.)

And on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, November 14, Rodriguez got his chance to speak to the video from his current point of view two decades later.

“That means that dreams actually do come true in America,” he said after watching the clip on Fallon’s show.

Rodriguez didn’t just acknowledge what turned out to be his incredible good fortune in love — but his attitude, too — after watching the tape of his younger self. “You’ve gotta be young to be that cocky and that confident,” he said.


For her part, Lopez is pretty thrilled the video resurfaced — and what blushing bride-to-be wouldn’t be? “OMG… I love this too much,” she wrote when he posted the clip to his Instagram back in June.

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