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Idina Menzel’s Son Loves His Mom’s Voice — But Won’t Say It to Her Face

When you’re a parent, having your kid be embarrassed of you is pretty much par for the course — and that applies to celeb parents too! Apparently, Frozen star Idina Menzel’s son loves her singing, but won’t ever say it to her face. And until a teacher from son Walker’s school intervened, Menzel was sure he was mortified every time she sang in public. (Even though she’s, you know, Idina Menzel.)

Menzel shares 10-year-old Walker with ex-husband Taye Diggs. On Wednesday’s Live with Kelly and Ryan, Menzel chatted with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest about how she found out her son’s secret. They were asking whether Menzel ever sings outside of work, and she answered that she’s singing “all the time…if my son lets me.”

Menzel explained further: “He’s 10 and he wants nothing to do with my singing whatsoever…We’ll jam in the car on the way to school, we got Jay-Z and we got Beyoncé. And then I walk him in and I still have the song in my head, and he elbows me to be quiet. Or I’m singing in the shower, practicing whatever song I have to go in the studio, and he says ‘shut up mom!'”

Sounds like classic 10-year-old fare to us — but then again, we bet Menzel sounds amazing even in the shower. It’s like a live show of Frozen every night!


So, how did Menzel come to realize her son didn’t actually hate his mom’s singing? “His music teacher apparently asked all the kids, ‘raise your hand and who’s your favorite singer,'” the Rent star explains, smiling. “And — he didn’t tell me this, his teacher told me — but he raised his hand and he said ‘my mom.'” Aaaand our hearts have officially melted.

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