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Jennie Garth Speaks in Code Hinting ‘BH90210’ Season 2

If you can’t imagine a future without BH90210, Jennie Garth has a few hopeful words for you. After Fox announced the show’s cancellation on November 7, Garth suggested rather strongly — that there might be plenty more happening behind the scenes than was formally announced off the bat.

The actress recently told UsWeekly that she was “very, very proud” of the work that went into the show in the first season. “That was our baby,” she said. She also acknowledged that fans might have found the cancellation announcement “very confusing”  and that’s actually OK, she explained.

“The show is very meta, so it’s good. The confusion is fine. Everybody’s like, ‘What is happening!?’ We don’t even know. Nobody knows, but we are working it out,” she said.

She continued, “It was a very unique, creative vision and it was very specific, and it was hard to convey that to everyone, to get them on board to do it, from every aspect — the studio, the network, the cast, the producers, everyone. So [the fact] that we were able to pull off that feat and bring that show to people and have people really kind of get it … maybe they didn’t love it because they wanted the old reboot and that’s fine. The show is, sort of, headed in a direction of giving everybody the best of both worlds.”

We’re a bit confused here — is the show not canceled?

Garth took to Twitter to share another major tease that there’d be more to come yet. “Summers highest-rated show gets more meta by the minute #bh90210 practically writes itself. Thank you for the 2nd season material! You never know what’s really going on behind the scenes! Stay tuned…”

Tori Spelling, who also stars and co-executive produces alongside Garth, also took to Instagram to share some mysterious but encouraging messages about the show’s future.

Her post included this particularly juicy nugget: “Our show is so meta that all the reality out there just helps us continue to evolve and gives us GREAT new storylines! The gift that keeps on giving. We aim to keep audiences guessing what will happen next. So stay tuned as our journey unfolds…”

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