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Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Multi-Generational Selfie With Mom & Daughter Is a Sweet Fail

Sure, selfies are a dime a dozen. But Catherine Zeta-Jones just attempted a multi-generational selfie with her teenage daughter Carys Douglas and her mother Patricia Fair — and while it’s a hilarious fail, it’s still the best selfie we’ve seen in a while. Although to be more accurate, we should say selfie-attempt. The Queen America star posted behind-the-scenes footage of the moment in the making because, well, it would appear they never actually pulled off a proper photo.

Zeta-Jones took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon to share the comical but cute attempt. “Three generations of chaos,” she aptly captioned the video, adding the hashtag “#welshgirlsdoitbetter.” The video starts with Douglas trying to direct Zeta-Jones’ camera-holding. “You’re centering it to yourself,” the 16-year-old says, to which her mom retorts, “No, I’m not, my arms are not long enough.” At the same time, Fair is struggling to squeeze her face into the frame. “What am I supposed to be doing now?” she asks. “You’ve gotta smile now!” Zeta-Jones and Douglas say in unison.

Things adorably devolve even further when Zeta-Jones tries to get her daughter and mom to squinch together more. For a brief moment, it appears the trio finally nails it. But when Fair announces, “I don’t think this is my good side,” the women all burst into laughter.

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Three generations of chaos #welshgirlsdoitbetter

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Once the giggles take over, they never really regain their composure. Douglas tries to steer the sinking ship, telling her grandma, “Make your eyes bigger, Nan.” And, when Zeta-Jones gets ready to snap the photo with Fair’s head only halfway in the frame, the teen protests, “Where’s Nana, Mom?!” Come to think of it, perhaps Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas should start thinking about a future career in directing for their daughter. She seems to have a natural aptitude for it.

Alas, despite Douglas’ best efforts, the three generations of Welsh women couldn’t pull it together enough to produce a standard selfie. On the plus side, they did create this behind-the-scenes comedy of errors, and we’re pretty sure it’s even better.

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