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Kristen Bell Was Annoyed With Bradley Cooper for Such a Relatable Reason

Sure, maybe the masses don’t exactly pal around with A-list stars in the way Kristen Bell pals around with the likes of Bradley Cooper. But Bell’s friendship with Cooper isn’t completely without its totally relatable elements, too, it turns out.

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres’ guest host Ken Jeong — with whom Bell starred in the 2009 movie Couples Retreat — Bell recalled their bond over a shared experience with Cooper that didn’t go so great for either of them. (Spoiler alert: all’s well that ends well.)

Here’s the deal: 10 years ago, both Bell and Jeong (and their spouses) had been invited to a birthday party for Cooper. And as it happened, both couples happened to arrive exactly on time — even a minute early, in fact — for the party’s scheduled starting time of 7:30 pm at a restaurant in Santa Monica. (As Bell recounted the story, she explained with an air of apology that she’s never actually been punctual — ever in her life. But Jeong and his wife are known for being on time.)

Sounds good, right? Well… Bell and husband Dax Shepard grabbed a table with Jeong and his wife, expecting the party to begin any moment. Instead, the hour struck 8 pm. Then it was 8:45 — and still no birthday boy Cooper.

Turns out, Bell recalled, “All the cool kids showed up like two hours late!”

All wasn’t lost, however, because the two couples who did arrive on time ended up having a “lovely dinner together, a lovely date — because nobody showed up til 9 pm.”

And hey, that’s a party of four we definitely wouldn’t have minded showing up early for — even if Bradley Cooper wasn’t in the building.

Watch Bell tell the whole story, along with a few tales of getting punked by her kids. And don’t miss her red carpet appearance at the Frozen 2 premiere!

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