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Shawn Johnson East Just Revealed Her Newborn Baby’s Name (It’s a Sweet Tribute to Dad)

Shawn Johnson East has been joyfully sharing the details of her new-mom life — from announcing the arrival of her first child, a daughter, on Instagram on Thursday, November 7th, to the story of her c-section birth (something the Olympic gold medalist admits to feeling guilt over) — and we’ve been eagerly reading every post. But there’s one important detail fans have been waiting for: Baby East’s name!

Johnson East and her husband, Andrew East, have been coy about that — until now. The former gymnast just took to Instagram to share a new family snap, and it turns out that the East Baby has some family inspiration for her name. Beneath a beautiful photo of the couple smooching their baby girl, Johnson East wrote, “Drew Hazel East. 8lbs 8oz. 20.5 inches long. 10/29/19. Named after the most incredible person I know… her daddy.”

The name “Drew” doesn’t just have a sweet personal connection for the East family, it also has a lovely meaning: Drew actually means “wise.”

Also tucked in the photo caption was another detail that Johnson East hadn’t shared before: Baby Drew’s actual birth date: October 29th — meaning she’s a Scorpio baby.

Prior to delivering her baby, Johnson told She Knows about her feelings of confusion about new parenthood — and one point of clarity, too. “I feel like, with every decision that has to be made I’m probably going to go with my gut feeling, because there are so many opinions and varying sides of what you should do and what you should not do,” she told us. “I feel like my ‘momtuition’ hopefully will kick in then, but… not too much confidence at the moment. I’ll love my baby, I’m confident in that.”

That love has been incredibly evident in the photos and posts Johnson East has already shared. While the challenges of the delivery were complicated, and not ideal for the new mom whose hopes for bringing baby girl into the world with “no meds and no intervention” did not match the reality — 22 hours of labor including an epidural at 14 hours, followed by a c-section — in the end, mom and baby are both healthy and thriving on the other side of the experience.

And now we even know that baby girl has a super-sweet name inspired by her dad.

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