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Janet Jackson’s Son Is ‘Incredibly Musical’ & Likes to Watch His Uncle Michael’s Dance Videos

There might just be another performer in the Jackson family! At not-quite-three-years-old, Janet Jackson’s son Eissa El Manna is already dancing to Michael Jackson’s music — and, what’s more, he’s copying some of his famous late uncle’s distinctive moves, too. The rhythm is strong in little Eissa’s lineage, leading us to wonder if the “D” in DNA just stands for “dance.” That seems to be what is being passed down to future Jackson generations, after all.

On Wednesday, Janet visited Australian radio show Carrie & Tommy, where she gushed about how her son is following in the family footsteps. And, you know, he has plenty of inspiration to pull from in the family tree. “He says, ‘See mama dance. Watch Uncle Michael and mama,’ and he wants to see ‘Scream’ at that point,” Janet said of Eissa’s penchant for watching her and Michael’s videos. She also revealed that Eissa is well on his way to mastering some of Michael’s moves. “He does this thing that my brother did from ‘Doesn’t Really Care About Us,’ the march and the hand,” revealed Janet. “He does a few things. He does the head. He loves ‘Smooth Criminal.'”

Like his mom and late uncle, Eissa also likes to sing and is showing early talent with several instruments. “He’s really musical, incredibly musical. He loves the drums, violin, guitar, piano. He plays. He really enjoys it. He makes up melodies, he carries a tune, he has really good pitch, really good pitch,” she told the show’s hosts.

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My baby and me after nap time.

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All of this new intel about the little Jackson legacy heir makes us look forward to one day seeing him on stage, but Janet says she won’t push Eissa into the family “business” if it’s not ultimately his thing. “It’s really about what he wants to do with his life.”

And for now, his life is all wrapped up in his Mama’s — currently on tour for the 30th-anniversary celebration of Rhythm Nation, Janet brings Eissa everywhere since she’s raising him without a nanny. “My mother did it. Her mother did it. Why can’t I?” she said of not having a nanny.  That’s not to say she won’t ever. Janet concedes, “I’m sure I will need someone in the future, some help here and there, but I don’t have anyone [right now] and I love it.”

It’s “very tiring” and she never gets enough sleep, true. But those are small prices to pay for the return. “He’s first and foremost in my life. I get up, I got to sleep — everything is about him. He comes first in my life,” she shared, adding, “He’s the reason I breathe. He’s my heart.”

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