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This Video Reminds Us Why David Beckham Is Still Our #1 Crush

Is there any celeb more charming than David Beckham? We were instantly reminded of our love for the dashing father of four in this newly released Tudor video where he candidly chats with Lady Gaga about his parents and personal success. Every answer the soccer star gave made us swoon.

Gaga and Beckham ask each other a series of personal questions. First up, Gaga asks Beckham about his idols at a young age.

“I’d have to say, my parents,” Beckham replies. “Hard-working, working class. My mum is 70 years old, still a hairdresser in London. My father was a gas engineer.” Say what you will — there’s something deeply endearing about an internationally acclaimed athlete gushing over his mom and dad.

When asked to reveal his “most daring moment,” Beckham’s answer surprised us: “I’d have to say moving clubs,” he recounts to Gaga.

“Going from Manchester in England to Madrid in Spain…different city, different team, another language — a language that I didn’t speak. And then, moving from Madrid to the US. That was daring for me professionally.”

So, does that mean Beckham ever questioned his decision? “Whenever anyone turns to me and says ‘don’t do something'” the 44-year-old shares with a grin, “I’m doing it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s my best friend — if I feel that it’s the right thing to do, I’m going to do it no matter what.”

And the final quote that melted our hearts? Prompted by absolutely nothing, Beckham says this to Gaga: “You know — being successful in our areas, being able to have a voice and make good use of that — we are very lucky.”

Handsome, charming, and humble?! Honestly, we don’t deserve him.

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