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Emilia Clarke Has Toyed With the Idea of Online Dating — Here’s What Would Make Her Swipe Right

Sometimes even the Mother of Dragons could use an assist in the dating department! Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is opening up about her online dating experience (or lack thereof) — along with the qualities she finds attractive enough to swipe right for. And, sure, she readily admits online dating isn’t really an option when potential suitors likely all see you as Daenerys Targaryen. But she’d “definitely do it, 100 percent” if her face wasn’t synonymous with one of the fiercest rulers in the Seven Kingdoms.

In her upcoming holiday rom-com Last Christmas, Clarke plays a troubled singer named Kate who winds up finding love thanks to something unexpected: an elf costume. So, in celebration of the film, the actress got candid with the U.K.’s Mirror about the not-so-surprising way she considered finding romance following a few fizzled-out Hollywood relationships (her famous exes include comedian Seth MacFarlane and director Charlie McDowell).

“There was a time. I was definitely tempted,” she admitted of almost creating a fake profile for online dating. However, the timing proved problematic since she was on people’s TV screens when the digital dating trend began to boom. “So, there are all my single friends being like…” she mimics swiping right, recounting, “I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Shopping for a boyfriend.’ ‘OK cool.'”

If she wasn’t the Mother of Dragons, though, Clarke would have joined them. “If I wasn’t in the job I’m in, then I definitely would do it, 100 percent. And I feel like it’s not a taboo anymore,” she said.

However, the actress suspects she — like her Last Christmas character, Kate — may have trouble relating to dates for a decidedly serious reason. During Clarke’s tenure on The Game of Thrones, she underwent multiple operations to combat brain aneurysms and some scary resulting complications.

Of her character, Kate (and of herself), Clark shared, “She had a health crisis at pretty much the same age I did. That time in your life is really confusing and leaves you feeling really lost. You’re like, oh, I’ve survived and I’ve got to get back to this confusing part of my life where I didn’t know what was going on anyway and I’m kind of figuring out who I am and what I want to do.”

Happily, Clarke has since healed and, well, maybe she’s ready for a little rom-com action in her own life. So, what sort of qualities in a potential suitor would make her swipe right? “If you make me giggle, then I’m in pretty much. And someone who is considerate and nice. Like when someone takes you out on a date and they’ve thought about kind of an interesting thing to do… that goes a long way,” she confessed. “But a sense of humor is 100 percent it. If you can laugh with someone, it’s just the sexiest thing in the world.”

Don’t miss Last Christmas when it hits theaters on November 15.

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