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James Corden Had Natasha Lyonne & Jessica Biel on His Show, & Now We Love All 3 Even More

Reunited and it feels so good! Fifteen years after co-starring in Blade: Trinity, Natasha Lyonne and Jessica Biel joined forces once more as they teamed up on The Late Late Show With James Corden to play a round of “Taller or Shorter.” And while it may have been more than a decade since this duo shared the screen, the audience was quickly reminded that they’re pretty damn charming when you put ’em together.

Jessica Biel
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If you’re not familiar with the concept of the game, host James Corden positions a row of real-life people where their bodies are hidden behind a wall, leaving only their faces exposed. The guests of the show must decide if each person is taller or shorter than the person to their left. Standing outside of the wall of faces to serve as the first example for Lyonne and Biel was Tim Young, Corden’s guitarist — who, at 5’11, is slightly taller than the average American male.

Although at first Lyonne and Biel showed a united front in leaning toward “shorter” for the first person after Tim, Biel soon confessed, “I just had an instinct that maybe she was taller.” And, as the game progressed, it became abundantly clear that Biel’s instincts are spot-on.

Sara, the woman behind the first hidden box, is 6’2. By the time they reached the final box, Biel was on a winning streak. Her prize, if they pulled off a clean sweep? A photo of herself with husband Justin Timberlake in their Halloween costumes (which, for the record, were fantastic). Alas, the woman in the last box was not “taller,” as Lyonne and Biel predicted, and so they lost the game. But, c’mon, it’s safe to say they won our hearts in the process.

In fact, since we live in the land of reboots now, can we revisit Blade: Trinity? Or, at the very least, let’s get Lyonne and Biel back in a movie together or, perhaps, a TV show. As Lyonne hilariously tells it, they had very different experiences while filming Trinity, so a new project would be a nice chance for them to get on the same page.

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