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Amanda Seyfried’s Two-Year-Old Daughter Has Serious Musical Chops

Let this be evidence that talent can run in the family. Amanda Seyfried’s daughter is already displaying some serious musical chops…and she hasn’t even turned three yet. We’re guessing she got it from her mama — because while Seyfried is best known for her acting career, she also happens to be a seriously gifted singer as well (need a refresher? Cue up the Mamma Mia film soundtrack).

Seyfried, who shares her daughter with husband Thomas Sadoski, revealed details about her daughter’s skills during a recent appearance. “She’s obsessed with music,” Seyfried told Us Weekly. “She’s got great rhythm, she’s got great pitch. She’s two-and-a-half years old, and she’s on pitch. It’s amazing.”

But while Seyfried’s little girl definitely has the aptitude and the interest, the parents are not necessarily planning for their daughter to pursue a show biz career. “It’s possible to be an astronaut and have great pitch,” Sadoski weighed in when asked if his only child would follow in her musical mother’s footsteps. “Mathematicians are usually great pianists and violinists. She’s going to be whatever she wants to be and I’m going to give her that choice. She’ll tell me, and I’ll support her all the way. Whatever her calling is, whatever’s going to make her happy.”

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“She’s already an extraordinarily powerful young woman and I’m just going to get mowed down by it as she grows up, I know it already,” Sadoski told Us Weekly of his daughter, “I’m so in love with her. I’m just already wrapped around her finger.”

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