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We Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Jason Momoa Smashing Pumpkins

It’s impossible to stay mad at Jason Momoa — a theory he tested while judging a pumpkin carving contest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Yep, that’s right: Momoa smashed pretty much every pumpkin that came his way. And even though we don’t encourage smashing other people’s hard work, we can’t help it. We could watch Momoa smash pumpkins on Corden’s show all day long.

The bit starts off innocently enough: Momoa is judging alongside fellow guest Alfre Woodard, and we first watch the contestants get to carving their pumpkins. When the first pumpkin is carried out to be judged, contestant Ryan barely gets through half a sentence before the Aquaman star lifts the pumpkin over his head and smashes it on the ground. Woodard covers her mouth in shock; Momoa sniffs casually and returns to his spot behind the podium.

One more thing we’d like to note about Momoa’s pumpkin-smashing hobby: It’s easy to forget while watching the 40-year-old actor tear pumpkins apart like it’s nothing, but it’s actually very hard to smash a pumpkin! This pumpkin-smashing routine may be nothing more than an elaborate show of how strong Jason Momoa is — if so, we’re not complaining.

Jason Momoa is basically America’s sweetheart right now, and this video makes it clear to see why. He’s not just an incredibly handsome guy with ridiculous upper body strength: He has a sweet, goofy sense of humor and a sensitive side too (just look how much he likes Henry!). The final verdict: We’d let Jason Momoa ruin our Halloween decorations any day.

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