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Kelly Clarkson’s Sultry Hocus Pocus Performance Was One of Halloween’s Best Treats

Sistahs, gather round — Kelly Clarkson went full Hocus Pocus for a special Halloween performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show Thursday. In case you’ve forgotten recently that the talk show host has a magical set of pipes, her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You” will obliterate any possible doubt. Bonus? Since the song is covered by Winifred Sanderson in the 1993 cult classic movie, Clarkson dressed in full Winnie regalia for her sultry version. And, yep, Mary and Sarah backed her up.

If you’ve been watching her show, you know by now that Clarkson covers her favorite songs in a segment called “Kellyoke.” It’s something she borrowed from her concerts, and it’s a shining moment every episode. Halloween proved no different since Clarkson decided to channel everyone’s favorite nostalgic Halloween flick. You know Clarkson, though; she definitely made the song her own, giving it a bluesy vibe and slowing it way down. As she belted out the big notes, a troupe of creepy, undead bellhops roamed (read: danced) around the set.

It’s safe to say after doing what she did, Clarkson undoubtedly earned her spot as an honorary Sanderson sister. As for us, mission accomplished, Winnie, er, Kelly — we’re officially spellbound.

And while Clarkson’s Hocus Pocus tribute turned out to be a huge treat, Clarkson also had a trick up her sleeve. “Well, it is true that Halloween is full of frights and surprises. In fact, you never know what might happen,” she said before bringing a couple on stage.

“So, you asked for help making Halloween more special for Kristen, right?” she asked George, the boyfriend. With that, he turned to his girlfriend, saying, “Kristen, you don’t know this but I’ve been working with Kelly and everybody here to put something together with you.”

At that point, a silent film called George’s Secret played, setting him up to pop the question with his grandmother’s ring. “I love it! I’m getting in here!” Clarkson gushed as she rushed the couple for a group hug.

Or, in the spirit of Halloween and Hocus Pocus, should we call it a calming circle?

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