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Suzanne Somers Gets Real About Sex at 73 & Spoiler Alert, She’s Probably Having More Than You

Everyone needs a good role model, and Suzanne Somers getting candid about her active sex life at age 73 is just another reason she’s one of ours. In a very revealing new interview with the DailyMail, the actress admits that she and Alan Hamel, her husband of more than 40 years, are “in the mood all the time” — and there’s a secret to their coital success.

If you harbor any illusions that women over a certain age cease to be sexual, for starters, who’s been lying to you? But also, let Somers’ frank discussion of her teen-like sex drive reassure you that your golden years will surely be filled with passion, too. “I’m kind of in that groove, like when you were younger and you’re in the mood all the time, and so is he because he’s on hormone replacements,” Somers said.

“It just stimulates that part of your brain that says, ‘hey, I’m kind of in the mood.’ And, so, isn’t that a wonderful thing?” The actress said of the plant-based hormones she and her husband take.


But y’all, Somers and her husband have kept the fire burnin’ without the hormone replacements. The spark has been there since, well, day one. “Oh, he’s just so beautiful,” Somers gushed. “I had sex with him on our very first date just in case there wasn’t a second one. I just wanted to be with him that first time.”

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