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Reese Witherspoon Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Hit ‘The Woah’ in Predictable Adorable Fashion

She’s a cool mom, all right — Reese Witherspoon taught Jimmy Fallon to hit “The Woah” during a visit to The Tonight Show on Tuesday, and she has her teenage son Deacon Phillippe to thank for her sweet moves. As she explained to Fallon, the 16-year-old not only introduced her to TikTok, but he also contributed to her cool mom status by teaching her a move all the kids are doing these days. And, luckily for the rest of us, she was kind enough to walk Fallon through it.

After chatting about Witherspoon’s jam-packed schedule of producing and starring in TV shows and movies, attention turned to what she does when she isn’t on the clock. The conversation landed on Phillippe teaching his mom what the short-form media-sharing app TikTok is, with Fallon showing Witherspoon’s now-viral original post (with featured Phillippe). After watching the clip together, the mom-of-three exclaimed, “Oh, wait! Do you know what he taught me? Do you know how to hit ‘The Woah’?”

Although Fallon answered in the affirmative, Witherspoon was not satisfied and took it upon herself to show him how it’s actually done. Admittedly, she didn’t nail it with her first attempt. But she self-corrected, reminding herself and Fallon, “It’s like you’re driving a car. That’s how you hit ‘The Woah.'”

In case you’re not hip to the lingo (don’t feel bad; we weren’t either), hitting “The Woah” is a popular dance craze where dancers make a quick, small circular hand motion before leaning into a freeze when the beat of a song drops. Not surprisingly, it started on TikTok.

Of course, Witherspoon and Fallon didn’t just dance during her visit. They also played a hilarious round of “Can You Feel It,” in which they have to stick their hands into boxes and try to identify the mystery objects within. Witherspoon even managed to psyche Fallon out while peering into his mystery box — which, spoiler alert, was just filled with some funny-shaped gourds.

Can we get this turned into a TikTok? A viral dance craze? ‘Cause, c’mon, it’s only a matter of time.

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