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Miranda Lambert’s Reason for Marrying Brendan McLoughlin in Secret Makes a Lot of Sense

Some things aren’t meant to be shared — that’s the crux of Miranda Lambert’s explanation for her secret wedding to N.Y.P.D. officer Brendan McLoughlin and, you know, she’s not wrong. In a candid new interview, the country superstar makes a solid point about why she feels like it’s important to keep details about the couple’s nuptials close to the vest. And, sure, part of her heightened sense of privacy has to due with her highly publicized first marriage to Blake Shelton from 2011-2015. But ultimately, says Lambert, her marriage is just that: hers.

Lambert and McLoughlin’s relationship definitely qualifies as a whirlwind courtship. The two met in November of last year outside of Good Morning America while she was there to promote new music with the Pistol Annies. Three months later, a post on social media clued fans into some big news: She was married! On Jan. 26, she and McLoughlin had gotten hitched on a farm just outside of Nashville. At the time Lambert’s fans didn’t even realize she was dating, much less headed down the aisle. But hey, when you know you know, right? “I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want, so when I know what I do want I snatch it right up,” she told People in this week’s issue.

As for the secrecy, Lambert says she simply took ownership over what was hers (and McLoughlin’s) to start with — plus, she’s learned from her past. “I was married before, and it was a huge wedding and everything was very public. So was my divorce,” she said. “I learned then that it’s not for everybody else. This is my actual life. With Brendan, I made it a point to keep it as private as I could for as long as I could.”

If you’re wondering how Lambert and McLoughlin were able to fly under the radar, well, it may truly be because their wedding was just for them. When asked whether her Pistol Annies bandmates were present, Lambert underscored it was just the two of them: “I didn’t have nobody. That was mine and his moment.”

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