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Here Are Photos of Celebrities Holding Cats

While National Cat Day has come and gone, today is a day we could all use a distraction. So, we rounded up these photos of celebrities holding cats because, honestly, we couldn’t picture a better way to spend our afternoon.

According to National Cat Day, (yes that is a website) today is the day to show your cat a little extra love — and if you can, help out local shelters with donations, sharing their efforts on social media, and doing whatever you can to help more cats find safe and loving homes.

“Often cats are overlooked and under-appreciated because they don’t usually have jobs like dogs. But cats still lower blood pressure, offer unconditional love and companionship, tons of laughs and alert their owner to danger. Many cats have been named heroes.” So take that…dogs!

Been wondering which celebs have been most outspoken about their love of cats? So we’re we. Taylor Swift, who has three beloved cats, comes to mind. Not only does she fill her Instagram and Twitter feed with adorable snaps and videos of what her kitties are up to, she even references them in song lyrics. That’s love.

In fact, Swift is such a big cat fan that we’ll kick off our round-up with this photo of cat Benjamin “Benji” Button. Hi Benji!

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A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

But what about her other cats? Here’s Swift again, celebrating National Cat Day 2019 with cat Olivia Benson.

Next up: Swift again, now standing next to Paula Abdul, who is also holding a cat.

But wait, there’s more: Here’s Taylor Swift touching noses with Jonathan Van Ness’s cat! Is her life just one epic cat meet and greet after another?

It’s only fair that we show JVN with his own cats too. Here’s a video of pet cat Matilda climbing on his chest.

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Caturday Babies featuring Matilda

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Here’s a photo Mandy Moore posted of her younger self with “the first Milo” in her life: a cat. The second Milo, presumably, is Milo Ventimiglia, who plays her husband Jack Pearson on This Is Us. 

And here is a photo of Mandy Moore’s boyfriend holding a cat. (Yes, dating Mandy Moore makes you a celebrity in our eyes — at least on National Cat Day)

PSA: supermodels can be cat people too. Here’s Gigi Hadid cuddling her kitten, Cleo.

Katy Perry’s own Instagram is woefully low on cat content — and frankly, we’re a little concerned with how much dog content she’s posting instead. But luckily, a Katy Perry fan account grabbed this pic of Perry holding her cat, Kitty Purry, back in 2018.

Ricky Gervais’s cat Ollie has a full Twitter account filled with tidbits about his life. Here’s a pic of Gervais attempting to boop Ollie’s nose.

Bobby Flay’s cat has social media too: He’s @nachoflay on Instagram.

A Robert Downey Jr. twofer: He’s both wearing a cat shirt and holding famous cat Helen Rose.

Euphoria star Peyton Clark enjoys a relaxing afternoon with his cat.

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Ed Sheeran runs Instagram account The Wibbles for his three cats, but he’s careful to leave himself out of the photos. Here’s one of him from his personal account for the full celeb-plus-cat effect.

In January 2018, Drew Barrymore innocently went out to adopt a rescue cat with her daughters — then came home with three kittens instead. Oops! The best kind of mistake.

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder loves his cat Sohalia, and that sweet shoulder cat loves him right back.

Amanda Seyfried’s Instagram is a wonderland of animals: dogs, horses, geese, goats, and of course cats. The star is actually a foster cat mom, so here’s a picture of her with a basket fo three kittens she fostered back in 2017.

“I miss Christmas Kitty Charlie,” Kourtney Kardashian writes in 2016. From the look on Charlie’s face, we’re guessing he didn’t stay in her arms for long after that pic was taken.

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I miss Christmas Kitty Charlie. 😻🐯

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Finally: a photo that is, admittedly, from a movie and not from real life. But we included it anyway because — well, you’ll see.

Lazy loaded image
George Clooney holding a cat in ‘One Fine Day.’ Image: Myles Aronowitz/20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock. Myles Aronowitz/20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock.

And there you have it! Was it everything you dreamed and more?

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