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Jessica Chastain Shares Hilarious Progression of Vacation Intoxication, & We Feel Seen

If you thought your weekend was fun, wait until you see Jessica Chastain getting tipsy on margaritas in Mexico! On Sunday, the actress hilariously shared a video showing the progression of her intoxication during dinner — from doing the limbo to dancing and singing with the restaurant entertainer (“I think I just got pregnant”), Chastain is clearly living her best marg’ed up life on her Mexican vacation.

This isn’t the first time this year Chastain headed to the country for a visit. In May, she and X-Men: Dark Phoenix co-star Sophie Turner were in the area at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico, to promote their new movie. While there, they surprised fans at a special event held at the Plaza Toreo Parque Central in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico. As for this weekend’s fun, Chastain’s exact whereabouts are unknown. But wherever she was, the video she shared on Instagram showed a lively dining experience.

In the first moments of the video, the actress claps excitedly and drums on her margarita glass with her silverware. “Margaritas are delicious,” she exclaims. Three margaritas deep, as the video updates us, Chastain is up and doing a conga line with other restaurant patrons. By five margaritas deep, she’s dancing and singing animatedly with the restaurant entertainer. “The tequila hits different in Mexico,” Chastain comically captioned the video montage of her margarita-fueled shenanigans.

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The tequila hits different in Mexico.

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Maybe Chastain was celebrating this week’s news that she’ll be leading an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s classic A Doll’s House at London’s Playhouse Theatre. The production will mark Chastain’s West End theatre debut.

“Jessica Chastain is a gifted artist and is, of course, well known and respected for her extraordinary screen performances. However, I’m delighted she is now returning to the stage — where her career began — in this bold reappraisal of Ibsen’s great masterpiece,” Jamie Lloyd, whose production company will be responsible for the play, told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday.

A Doll’s House is set to open next summer and run through early September. So, here’s hoping Chastain shares a few behind-the-scenes moments in London that are as memorable (and funny) as this most recent gem from her time in Mexico.

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