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John Legend Just Revealed Daughter Luna’s Halloween Costume, & Say Hello to Your New Shero

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna Legend is Wonder Woman for Halloween this year and, if you ask her famous father, the little girl might just be the hero we all need. Legend took to Instagram this weekend to share a snapshot of their three-year-old rocking head-to-toe glamazon regalia. Spoiler alert? She looked every bit the fierce female warrior she’s shaping up to be (although diminutive at the moment).

Legend posted his photo of Luna on Instagram late in the evening on Saturday, showing his daughter standing in what appears to be Legend and Teigen’s living room. In the snapshot, Luna is wearing the classic Wonder Woman outfit colors — but in her version of the costume, Wonder Woman also gets a blue tulle tutu and sparkly cowgirl boots. Atop Luna’s head is Wonder Woman’s royal tiara, which we all know doubles as a valuable weapon.

And, hey, little Luna could end up needing it. Legend captioned the photo, “She will save us.” Fans and Legend’s famous friends seemed certain Luna could do just that. Sophia Bush commented, “Yes SIR!” A fan wrote, “Her face shows so much determination. Too sweet.” Others chimed in with similar votes of confidence: “Without a doubt,” “Counting on it,” “I believe in her.”

While the assumption here is that Luna will be Wonder Woman for Halloween, the truth is Wonder Woman may just be one of many costumes. For Luna’s first time celebrating the holiday back in 2016, Teigen bought her daughter a hot dog outfit, a peacock hat, a banana costume, an Alice in Wonderland dress, a Red Riding Hood outfit, a Hula skirt and a Minnie Mouse ensemble. Upon posting the last costume that year, Teigen joked, “Please help I can’t stop.”

Then there’s also the possibility that Luna is just playing dress-up. As evidenced by her parents’ social media snapshots, the little girl is a big fan of being in costume — especially princesses. We’ve seen her as Belle while riding rides at Disneyland Hong Kong. We’ve seen her as Cinderella while baking muffins with her mom. And we’ve seen her reveal she has a “cute boy friend” while rocking an Anna from Frozen dress.

So, kudos to Legend and Teigen for encouraging their daughter’s creativity and imagination. We can’t wait to see how Luna wields her Lasso of Truth.

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