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Meryl Streep Ordered Wendy’s on the Little Women Set to Help Get into Character — True Story

You might not peg her as a fast-foodie, but Meryl Streep admits she ordered Wendy’s on the Little Women set — much to the surprise of her co-stars. And, hilariously, the legendary star has jokes about how the cheap cuisine helped her get into character as stingy Aunt March. But Streep’s penchant for greasy Americana wasn’t the only interesting revelation to come from the Little Women screening and Q&A at West Hollywood’s DGA theater on Wednesday.

Another surprise the set apparently held? Director Greta Gerwig was expecting, and not even the cast knew. Tweeted Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman during the post-screening panel, “Saoirse Ronan said she thought it was weird that [Gerwig] was wearing ‘like seven layers.’ ‘It was cold, but it wasn’t *that* cold,’ Meryl Streep adds.” Ah, Streep coming in clutch with the zinger! Maybe all her neurons are firing optimally because she isn’t hungry — also thanks to Ronan, we now know Streep is well-acquainted with the cheap and easy food of us mere mortals.

During the Q&A, Streep described getting into the headspace of her character. “Aunt March is all about the money. It’s how the world measures value. She is the reality check on all the airy-fairy, highfalutin, idealistic people who populate her family, and that she basically underwrites.” So, when Ronan outed Streep for ordering Wendy’s to the set, she channeled Aunt March, quipping, “I was saving money.”


Streep presumably got her fill of fast food during filming. Interestingly, though, this new intel about Streep’s fast food preference is part of a long and rather curious history she has with the fast-food chain — likely unbeknownst to her, even. But if you spend a little time on social media, you’ll find that Streep has been randomly linked to Wendy’s for years.

In 2018, a clip of Streep cheering at an awards show was turned into a meme about the actress approving of Wendy’s. In 2014, there seems to have been a surge in dreams about Streep at Wendy’s, with one fan spotting her there alongside Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon while another envisioned her eating mint meringue pie. One fan even suggested Streep could get an Oscar just for ordering at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

But our favorite has to be the way Twitter fan @nanceee94 imagines heaven, writing, “When I picture god I see Meryl Streep dressed in a deep purple gown dipping fries into a Frostee from Wendy’s.” Which, TBH, is essentially what we picture when we think of Streep ordering fast food on the Little Women set.

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