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Kelly Clarkson Gets Mistaken for Carrie Underwood ‘All the Time,’ & She Low-Key Loves It

There’s apparently some confusion between Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood — as in, there are fans who are unsure who’s who. And while it might bother some stars to be mistaken for another, Clarkson isn’t one of them. As she admitted on The Kelly Clarkson Show Wednesday, the singer-slash-TV-host has zero qualms with people thinking she looks or sounds like her fellow Idol alum.

During the episode, Clarkson sat down with comedian Gabriel Iglesias and Good Place star D’Arcy Carden. At one point, they start discussing tattoos in the context of a fan who was having Clarkson’s autograph inked on his back. Carden joked that she was offended the guy didn’t also ask for their signatures, but Iglesias revealed the guy didn’t even know who he was — he’d mistaken the star for someone else. And that’s when Clarkson admitted Iglesias isn’t alone.

“That happens to me all the time!” she exclaimed. “Seriously, I have been asked so many times… or they’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love your song ‘So Small.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what that is.’ Then I find out it’s Carrie Underwood — and then I’m like, thank you! ‘Cause I’m, like, legit 100 pounds heavier than Carrie Underwood.”

Of course, Clarkson is being hyperbolic and, as Carden pointed out, she looks “amazing.” Still, Clarkson quipped, “Yeah, I’m just saying. It’s real different, though.”

To the credit of these confused fans, Clarkson and Underwood do have plenty of similarities. They both have powerhouse voices and can belt out a ballad like no one’s business. They both won their respective seasons of American Idol (Clarkson as the very first Idol in 2002 and Underwood in 2005). They’re both Grammy-winners, they’re both wildly endearing and they’re both bad*ss working moms, each with two beautiful babies at home.

So, they’re perhaps not as different as Clarkson imagines. Either way, though, we’re with her — if you’re going to be mistaken for someone, being mistaken for Underwood can’t really be construed as anything but a compliment.

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