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Wait, Is the OG Charmed Being Rebooted Into Netflix Movies? Alyssa Milano Drops Hints

Hold up, could the original Charmed really be getting a reboot? Or, to be more accurate, reboots — plural? Sure, The CW has its newer version of the series. But diehard fans will be happy to know that Alyssa Milano just teased bringing back the OG storyline with its OG stars for a movie franchise that would stream on Netflix. Clearly, you need all the deets about this magical possibility.

Sitting down with Access Daily hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover on Tuesday, Milano hinted that the Power of Three might be conjuring up a few films in the near future. When asked whether she felt as though the iconic ’90s TV show could get its own adaptation, Milano admitted she and her former co-star Holly Marie Combs believe there’s definitely a place for something in that vein. “I think so, yeah. Holly and I talk about Charmed movies a lot,” she said, noting that the new series has its own storyline. “It’s a different show and it felt like they were trying to capitalize on the name and not continue the storyline of the legacy, so it was tough.”

Their solution? “We have been talking about maybe doing some films for Netflix. So, I think that would be fun, and I think it’s a great way to celebrate our fans that have stuck with us for such a long time but still give it, like, new blood,” Milano shared.

Yes, please! Before you shrug this off as wishful thinking, there are a few reasons the timing could be perfect for Milano and Combs’ movie-reboot idea. Milano touched on one while chatting with Lopez and Hoover — the pair’s recent reunion cameo on Grey’s Anatomy. “How fun was that? And they did such a good job just, like, tipping the hat to Charmed and Charmed fans,” she said. “But obviously gave us our own independent storyline. It was just a great, great time — and Holly and I did not miss a beat. It was like we were at work yesterday doing Charmed.”

There’s also the fact that Milano is currently starring in the Netflix series Insatiable, which just dropped its second season. She’s phenomenal and funny as Coralee Armstrong (seriously, watch her!), so it’s entirely possible the streaming service would be interested in creating a couple of movies around her.

Netflix, we’re counting on you to do the right thing here.

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