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Kelly Ripa’s Son ‘Hired’ Her for a Film School Project With a Special Connection to Their Family

Kelly Ripa’s son just gave her a job — and, yep, you read that right! The mom-of-three teased her new gig on social media by sharing a photo of herself with her eldest child Michael Consuelos, who currently attends New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Even cooler? The professor who assigned the project has a special connection to the Ripa-Consuelos family.

Ripa first broke the news about collaborating with her son via an Instagram post on Sunday. “When your son gives you a job,” she captioned the selfie, adding the hashtags “#filmschool #tvshow #producer” for good measure. It wasn’t until the following day during Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan that Ripa spilled more details about the project. And, when she did, she also dropped the surprising link between her and the man who’d assigned Michael the project in the first place.

“The professor of this class is the professor that directed — he wasn’t a professor at the time, he was a director — he directed the screen test between Mark and me at All My Children,” Ripa shared of Christopher Goutman, the now-Academic Director and Assistant Professor at the Tisch School. So not to give the guy too much credit, but Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos are basically now America’s favorite couple because of him. Which, ya know, means he kind of kickstarted their whole adorable family.

If nothing else, Goutman played a huge part in Ripa and Mark’s 22-year-old son winding up at NYU. “So when Michael was touring all the film schools… he got into several film schools and he was trying to make a decision and he kept waiting for a sign, something to hit him in the head,” Ripa explained, adding, “Because wherever he was, that’s what he liked, so he kept waiting for the sign.”

It wasn’t until Ripa accompanied Michael to the NYU campus that he got the sign he’d been waiting for: his mom, running into Goutman and uncovering the super-cool family connection. “We’re walking down the hallway and I hear a voice I know: ‘Consuelos!’ He turns around and I see Chris Goutman, who was our director at All My Children,” Ripa said, elaborating that she’d worked with the then-director for 11 years. “And he goes, ‘You have to come here because I am literally the reason you exist!’ And that’s how [Michael] made a decision.”

How’s that for a cool college admission story? We can’t wait to hear Ripa’s inevitable follow-up about what kind of boss her boy turns out to be.

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