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Meghan Markle’s Nickname for Prince Harry Is Simply Perfect

You don’t need to have a fancy nickname just because you have a fancy title. Meghan Markle’s nickname for Prince Harry is short, sweet and to the point. He may be a royal, but Harry is simply “H” to Meghan, as revealed in ITV’s new documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

Last month, we learned Meghan Markle’s nickname for 5-month-old Archie is Bubba, and now we’ve come to find out that she keeps things just as low-key for her husband. The real question, though: What does Harry call Meghan?

The Duchess of Sussex revealed her nickname for her Duke while discussing something much more important than nicknames. In an interview, she opened up about the difficulties of living life in the public eye.

“In all honesty, I have said for a long time to H — that is what I call him — it’s not enough to just survive something, that’s not the point of life,” she said. “You have got to thrive. You have got to feel happy, and I think I really tried to adopt this British sensibility of a stiff upper lip.”

The Duke and Duchess are planning a six-week break next month, including a visit to see Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, in Los Angeles, as the Sunday Times reports.

Meghan added that her life as a royal has been harder than she imagined it would be. “I tried, I really tried, but I think what that does internally is probably really damaging,” she said. “The biggest thing that I know is that I never thought this would be easy but I thought it would be fair, and that is the part that is hard to reconcile but [I] just take each day as it comes.”

It’s not all bad, though. The Duchess added, “The good thing is that I have got my baby and I have got my husband and they are the best.”

Harry & Meghan: An African Journey aired in the U.K. on Sunday and will air in the U.S. on ABC on Wednesday, October 23, at 10 p.m. ET.

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