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Lady Gaga Had Almost Her ‘Entire Body’ X-Rayed & Is in a ‘Lot of Pain’ After Concert Fall

Lady Gaga took a fall off the stage with a fan during her concert on Thursday, and she’s definitely feeling it. But this is Gaga, y’all — it takes more than that to hold her down. Just one day after the scary tumble, the superstar is out and about, updating fans on her status and supporting her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno during a girls’ night out.

ICYMI, Gaga was performing her sold-out Vegas residency Enigma when she invited a male fan onstage with her. This isn’t out of the norm for her, as it’s become part of her build-up to performing the hit “A Million Reasons.” However, things took a turn for the unexpected after Gaga jumped in the fan’s arms and he lost his footing. Gaga ended up hitting the floor of the audience pit hard. But, even then, she quickly recovered and continued the show, reassuring the crowd it wasn’t the fan’s fault and that she was okay.

It wasn’t until Friday that Gaga clued fans into the fact that the fall was a bit more serious than she let on. In a post on Instagram, she revealed she had to have almost her “entire body” x-rayed.

In her Story, she revealed the hurt hadn’t taken her out of commission, saying, “I might be in a lot of pain but I couldn’t miss my best friend’s bachelorette dinner. I love you @sarahtannomakeup.”

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Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram. Lady Gaga/Instagram.

Gaga also hinted that her months-long relationship with audio engineer Dan Horton had ended, captioning a snapshot of herself with Tanno in her Story, “An about to be married woman and me, a single lady.”

Eesh, sounds like Gaga is dealing with a lot right now. Judging by her updates, though, she isn’t letting any pain she might be feeling (physically or emotionally) get in the way of living her best life.

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