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Zooey Deschanel Has Some Thoughts About Lauren Conrad Using Her ‘Very Specific’ Baby Name

We all have that friend who’s been attached to a baby name since age 5 — and in the land of celebrities, Zooey Deschanel just might be that friend. Deschanel and Lauren Conrad both named their sons Charlie Wolf, but the New Girl star did so two years before Conrad. And it doesn’t seem like she’s too crazy about sharing the name.

Talking to Us Weekly, Deschanel addressed the fact that Conrad’s baby, born October 9, was given the same name as her 2-year-old. “That was so weird, right? I don’t think she knew it,” Deschanel told the magazine, adding later that Charlie Wolf was a “really specific name.”

As for how she heard the news? “[Conrad and I] have a really good mutual friend and she was like, ‘Did you know that Lauren Conrad…'” Deschanel shared. “I said, ‘No, that’s so funny!’ She’s like, ‘I don’t think she knew it.'” So, both Deschanel and this mutual friend agree: Conrad would never have named her son Charlie Wolf if she knew Deschanel’s son was also called that…right?

In the end, no one’s the worse for two Charlie Wolfs being in the world, and we’re a little surprised that this is a point of conversation. Would this be coming up if they were both named Charlie?

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Our sweet baby boy, Charlie Wolf Tell, has arrived!

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Charlie Wolf is the second child for both Deschanel and Conrad. The former’s oldest is 4-year-old Elsie Otter, and the latter’s is 2-year-old Liam James. While these two share a mutual friend, it doesn’t seem like there’s a friendship between them. But maybe now that they know what similar taste in names they have, they’ll form a lasting bond. Then again — maybe not.

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