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Amy Schumer Secretly Filmed a Documentary About Her Difficult Pregnancy While on Tour

Is there anyone more committed to giving us an up-close view of their pregnancy? Amy Schumer teased a new documentary about being pregnant on tour, now set to debut on HBO Max in 2020. And if the star’s Instagram is any indication, this documentary will leave very little to the imagination.

The documentary was shot while Schumer was on tour, preparing for the stand-up special Growing, which was released on Netflix in March. Here’s the logline:

The unfiltered documentary shows the struggle, strength and ambition that has made Schumer one of the singular comic voices of all time. It takes viewers behind-the-scenes as Schumer goes through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while touring to prepare for a stand-up special. From hospitalizations to going out in front of a crowd of thousands, to quiet moments at home with her family, Schumer shares it all. Beginning the day she found out she was pregnant, through the birth of her child, she showcases her incredible journey on the road, revealing just how challenging it can be working night after night, week after week, with no regrets or excuses. Expecting Amy (wt) offers a hilarious and raw 360 degree look at this new stage of her life. With her family and colleagues along for the ride to support her and keep her sane and balanced, she does it all with perseverance, heart and the priceless sense of humor she’s known for.

Amy Schumer is an inspiration and this project is such an honest look at her experience being on the road while preparing for her special,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max. Read: It’s going to get real, folks.

“Her willingness to showcase her immense vulnerability, during the most challenging time in her life, is both empowering and hilarious,” Aubrey added.

Schumer is definitely known for her vulnerability both in her comedy and on social media, and she’s been exceptionally open about the challenges of her pregnancy. Too often, women suffer in silence through pregnancy-related concerns, feeling shame that they don’t have all the answers, or feeling at fault for experiencing unexpected complications.

Schumer’s openness helps break down the barriers to seeking help, sharing stories, and stamping out the idea that there’s only one kind of pregnancy experience. “Women are warriors, every one of us,” Schumer said. “I hope sharing my story brings more awareness to the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.”

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