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Jennifer Garner Stars in a Short Film of … Her Annual Mammogram Appointment

In a bold move, Jennifer Garner shared a video of her annual mammogram — and it’ll make you an even bigger fan of the actress. True to form for Garner, the resulting Instagram post is cute and funny. But putting a reminder out in the world for women to prioritize their annual screenings is also an incredibly important message, especially during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Garner, 47, took to Instagram on Wednesday to show her 7-million-plus fans how easy this potentially life-saving step can be. “Every October I have a standing date,” Garner wrote, adding, “For a mammogram. For me, having the appointment on the books makes it routine, like the dentist. I know it’s scary, sisters, but just do it — the next best thing to an all clear is early detection. To everyone in the thick of the battle — respect and love to strength to you.”

In the video of her appointment, she changes into a hospital top, doodles on her paperwork, lets the machine do its thing and then finishes it up with a happy dance when she gets the A-OK from her doctor.

The video is already drawing praise from Garner’s fans and famous friends. “You are a g darn treasure,” wrote Olivia Wilde. Rachel Zoe, who has a family history of the disease, weighed in as well. “I do the same twice a year @jennifer.garner and I love you even more for this post on behalf of myself and my sister and my mom,” she commented.

In sharing her annual mammogram, Garner also shared an excellent hack we can all borrow. The actress schedules her annual appointment for October every year, without fail. And what a great way to remember to get it on the books, right? We’re taking Garner’s cue and taking Breast Cancer Awareness Month to heart by making it the month of the mammogram. And while we’re at it, we’re going to start scheduling our annual pap tests for January, during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

So, thanks for the tip, Garner! And kudos for raising awareness on such an important women’s health issue.

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