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Who Is Reese Witherspoon Shading With This Post on How to ‘Edit Your Friendships’?

Reese Witherspoon seems like the ultimate gal pal, from hosting book clubs to keeping the group chat lively. But on Wednesday, Witherspoon gave friendship advice to her followers, urging them to “check [their] gut” on their current relationships. Witherspoon may just be idly musing, sure — but the post also screams of someone who was recently betrayed by a toxic friend and wants to send a coded message. Which leaves us with exactly one question: Who recently crossed Reese Witherspoon?!

Witherspoon captioned the post: “Today’s thoughts on friendship ✨ #gottothinkin.” The photo is an image of a text she sent herself. “Thought of the day: Edit your friendships,” the actress wrote. “As you get older, you definitely have less time. Your friendships are critical. When you get very clear about how you want to live, you will want to surround yourself with people who share the same passions, joys, trials, and triumphs. Check your gut and consider how much your friendships: 1. Feel reciprocal. 2. Don’t drain your life force. 3. Fill your tank with love and good energy.”

Fans have responded to the post with emphatic agreement: “Amen,” multiple people commented. “VERY TRUE!!!!!!” Ali Wentworth added, while Nathan Turner wrote, “Great advice!”

Today's thoughts on friendship ✨ #gottothinkin'

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on

Once again, it’s totally possible that Witherspoon just innocently thought of this. But if any of Witherspoon’s friends have had conflict with the actress recently, it seems likely that they’d take this post personally (the bit about friends draining “your life force” seemed particularly pointed). If this is directed at someone, let’s all just hope it’s not Jennifer Aniston — that’s a friendship we were really invested in seeing go farther.

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