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Chace Crawford Teases Possible Return to Gossip Girl Reboot — But He’d Play a Different Character

You know you love this news: Chace Crawford just teased the possibility that he may return to the Gossip Girl reboot — and shared a tidbit about the character he would play. So, first things first: Put aside any dreams of seeing more of playboy Nate Archibald on your screen. Next up, Crawford has set his sights on playing a father.

Crawford, who played a series regular on the iconic TV show, was asked if we may see his character on HBO Max’s upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, and he didn’t say no. Which, for the record, isn’t quite the reaction some of his co-stars have had.

“I’d play a dad now, I guess!” Crawford told EW when they asked if he would simply play an older version of his original character. All jokes aside, though, he added that he really would be open to the option.

“No, I have no idea,” he continued. “I just love [show creators Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage] and if they wanted me to come and do anything it would be hard to say no. I’m always grateful for the opportunity they gave me and that whole experience — it was all of my twenties, it was like my college, living in New York for that time. I’ll always have fond memories of it.”

And so will we, Chace. That’s why we’re taking this news and crossing our fingers for him to reprise his iconic role. But, as the actor pointed out, we know the reboot will look very different than the original show.

“TV is going through such a time of change, they’re calling it the golden age and the streaming structure is so cool,” Crawford told EW. “I honestly think the show was ahead of its time, in a way. It came out before Instagram, right when camera phones were becoming a thing. The rise of Netflix gave our show a new life. There was a whole new generation of fans. I’ve noticed over the past six years that the same age demographic of girls still loves it, which is cool.”

With a very different social media climate firmly in place, a whole new cast of characters, and the fact that the show will be presented via a streaming model, the Gossip Girl reboot really will look different from the original iteration. But, as far as we see it, recasting Crawford — whether it is in his original role or a new one entirely — would go a long way in helping the reboot recapture the original’s magic.

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