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Courteney Cox & Isla Fisher Post Bizarre Video Using a Face-Changing App to Look Like Men

In today’s edition of celeb friendships you likely forgot about: Courtney Cox and Isla Fisher posted a bizarre video that revealed what they would look like as men, thanks to a face-changing app. The duo acted out a short skit that has viewers completely baffled as to WTF they’re up to. We watched the video approximately 100 times, and we’re still no closer to having any idea what’s going on.

After thoroughly scanning the comments, the closest we’ve come is this: Cox is doing an impression of Rob Lowe, and Fisher is doing an impression of Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire. See, it all makes sense now, right? (Wrong.)

The short video starts close on Cox’s face, which has been filtered to look like her male alter ego. Commenters have pointed out that she bears a passing resemblance to Jared Leto, and they’re not mistaken.

The sound of Cox peeing (or pretending to, we hope) is then heard, followed by Fisher’s high-pitched voice breaking in: “Ooh, there you are!” she calls from off screen.

“Damn it,” growls Cox, appearing to zip up and then rushing out of view, just as Fisher pops into frame. Fisher has been filtered to look like a man as well, and is rocking a sweet ‘stache along with some aviator glasses.

And we unfortunately meet again…. @islafisher

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We meet again… @courteneycoxofficial

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Cox and Fisher both posted the video, with variations of the caption, “We meet again.” While the code-cracking comment comes courtesy of January Jones on Fisher’s post (“Rob Lowe and Mrs. Doubtfire strike again!” she writes), plenty of other celeb friends have weighed in with their questions and concerns.

Busy Philipps writes, “I swear to God I would watch an entire movie with these two characters. Can we make it and use this filter somehow?!?! I love it so much AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Queer Eye‘s Tan France jumps in with, “LITERALLY SNORT LAUGHED,” while comedian Whitney Cummings adds, “I have questions.” (Us too, girl!)

So, does this seem like a Rob Lowe/Doubtfire mashup to you? Or something else altogether? We’re still scratching our heads over it, and we’d love an official statement from both Cox and Fisher before the week is through.

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