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We Can’t Un-See This Kiss Between Howard Stern & Ellen DeGeneres

The image of former president George W. Bush and Ellen Degeneres side by side at a Dallas Cowboys game shall never be wiped from our collective memory, it seems. But, on Monday, Howard Stern sought to distract from that image, and he just might have accomplished his mission — that is, after planting a big passionate smooch on the daytime host.

DeGeneres addressed her friendship with the former president in a monologue on her talk show, and famous friends were quick to jump to her defense, but Stern opted for a different tactic during a recent appearance on her eponymous talk show.

“People were giving you grief about this George Bush picture,” Stern told DeGeneres. “Listen, you know I’m always with you, I’m on your side. The problem is — and this is a brilliant booking on your part, having me on the show — people have this picture in their mind of you and George Bush. What you need to do, in my opinion, is take a picture with me, making out with me.”

DeGeneres pointed out that Stern’s wife, Beth Stern, was in the audience — but that didn’t deter him. “Once people see me with you, no one’s going to be thinking about George Bush. That’s my thought,” Stern said. “You okay with this? When is the last time you kissed a guy? Romantically, I mean.”

“I’ve kissed men on the lips,” DeGeneres quipped. “Probably Colin Farrell … or Leo DiCaprio.”

The two went over a few terms for the kiss (no tongue!) before exchanging a kiss. Don’t fret: Both DeGeneres and Stern reiterated that they’re happily married (in DeGeneres’ case, to Portia de Rossi). In fact, Stern took his own marriage to the next level, after Colton Underwood of Bachelor fame emerged to remarry Stern and his wife, Beth, on the set.

Kiss aside, Stern voiced the ultimate commitment to his wife. “I vow to you if you remarry me, I promise for the rest of my life to watch The Bachelor with you in bed every single night,” he said. And if that isn’t the foundation of a solid marriage, we don’t know what is!

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