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Helena Christensen & Norman Reedus’ Son Just Turned 20, & He Looks Exactly Like His Model Mom

That model DNA must run deep! Helena Christensen shared photos of her lookalike son Mingus on his 20th birthday, and he clearly inherited a few of his mom’s famous traits. Sure, the series of snapshots shared by Christensen suggests that Mingus also slightly favors his dad, The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. But no ifs, ands or buts about it — with each passing year, he looks more and more like his mom.

Christensen posted the birthday tribute to her boy on Instagram Sunday evening, sharing 10 photos ranging from Mingus’ childhood to present-day. “Today is a beautiful day because you were born, 20 years ago! Love you so much,” Christensen captioned the slideshow. Reedus also shared a few images, with his mostly featuring Mingus during the young man’s earlier years. “Happy birthday to the coolest of all time,” the proud dad captioned his photos.

And, heartwarmingly, it’s obvious that Christensen, Reedus and Reedus’ current partner (and the mother of Mingus’ little half-sister) Diane Kruger are all one big happy family. In response to Christensen’s post, Reedus and Kruger both dropped a string of heart emoji. On Reedus’ tribute, Christensen wrote, “Our baby boy is a young man and I love him more than anything.” Sounds like Mingus is one lucky kid, huh?

Not surprisingly, friends and fans pointed out in Christensen’s comment feed just how much the former couple’s son resembles his mother. “He is your portrait,” one commenter gushed on Christensen’s post, with another writing, “OMG TWINS.” And some marveled over the strength of Christensen’s family genes. “He is his mother’s son, that’s for sure. It’s as if you were reborn as a boy,” said one. Another weighed in, “He looks exactly like you, great DNA.” One even pointed out that Mingus looks like Christensen’s father, who is pictured in the photo tribute. Others speculated that Mingus would go on to become a world-renowned model like his mom.

Let’s be real, though — there was no losing for this guy. With Christensen as a mother and Reedus as a father, he was destined to be an impossibly beautiful and cool human being. Happy birthday, Mingus!

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