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Megan Fox Shares Rare Family Photos While Joking About a Super-Relatable Parenting Problem

Trying to perfectly coordinate pictures when young children are involved is basically a lost cause. So, it feels super-relatable to see Megan Fox share rare family photos of Brian Austin Green and their three kids while lamenting her brood’s inability to pull off one semi-cohesive snapshot. Hey, maybe that’s part of the reason Fox doesn’t post family photos more often — she can’t get many! Anyone who has ever attempted group portraits of any kind undoubtedly feels the pain of this plight.

The actress took to Instagram on Saturday night to share the struggle of trying to capture a picture with Green and sons Noah, 7, Bodhi, 5, and Journey, 3. “Halloween at @disneyland is always the most fun but can I get ONE family photo where everyone is looking at the camera and making a semi normal face??” In the first photo, little Journey’s eyes are closed. In the second, Journey is giving something just off-camera some serious side-eye and Bodhi has a silly open-mouth expression, a look he rocks once more in the third photo shared by Fox.

Of course, sometimes “outtake” photos wind up being even cuter than you might think, and such certainly seems to be the case with Fox. Seriously, how adorable are these children?!

Although Fox hasn’t historically made a habit of sharing photos of her family, she does seem to be giving fans more glimpses into their lives in recent months. During a September appearance on The Talk, Fox addressed the fact that Noah loves to wear dresses — and that she and Green encourage their son’s proclivity for fashion. And although the 7-year-old occasionally experiences bullying for his style choices, his parents are teaching him “to be confident no matter what anyone else says.”

Judging by these family photos at Disneyland, Fox and Green may not nail family portraits anytime soon. It’s okay, though, because they do seem to be nailing the whole parenting thing in general. Everyone might not be looking at the camera, but they do all look happy.

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