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Kate Beckinsale Shares a Video of Her Extreme Flexibility, & Fans Think She’s Part-‘Gumby’

If you’re like us and maybe have more trouble stretching to touch your toes than you care to admit, what you’re about to see might just boggle your brain. Kate Beckinsale’s latest workout video shows her extreme flexibility — to such an extent that fans and famous friends are in total awe. Beckinsale’s impressive range of motion even has people comparing her to another super-stretchy celebrity: Gumby.

Beckinsale took to Instagram on Friday afternoon, posting a short video of herself with trainer Brad Siskind at celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson’s gym. In the video, Siskind, with small towels place behind Beckinsale’s heel and on top of her knee, guides The Widow star’s leg through a series of seemingly contortionist movements. “@bradsiskind and I and his little towels are running off to join the circus,” Beckinsale jokingly captioned the video.

The video has already racked up nearly 1 ½ million views and is getting plenty of feedback from impressed (and, let’s be real, mind-blown) friends and fans. Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox commented, “Stretch!!!!” Selma Blair weighed in with a simple, “Wowza.” Many people playfully considered aloud that Beckinsale’s leg wasn’t real or at the very least boneless, with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn dropping a Gumby comparison. And jewelry designer Markus Molinari captured the general sentiment, saying, “I’m not doing enough.”

While most of the comments understandably marveled over Beckinsale’s flexibility, one commenter hilariously dropped by with a question of logistics: “Aren’t you worried you will guff?” (ICYMI, “guff” is British slang for breaking wind.) Always one with a witty snapback, Beckinsale replied, “Mum?”

This isn’t the only video Beckinsale has shared alongside Siskind lately that has left viewers reeling. Last Saturday, she posted a quick clip of an abs and arms combo workout in which she knocks out abs pikes and push-ups using a stability ball — as if they are NBD. In true Beckinsale form, she nailed not only the workout but also a cheeky caption, writing, “On Saturdays, @bradsiskind gets his big ball out.”

So, clearly, Beckinsale puts in the work for her wildly impossible flexibility. But still… just, like, wow.

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