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Chrissy Teigen Getting Competitive Over Hot Potato Is Every Parent With a 3-Year-Old

More family fun in the Teigen-Legend household! Chrissy Teigen posted a hilarious video of playing Hot Potato with John and Luna on Thursday, and her husband and daughter ganging up on her is the best thing we’ve seen all day. Teigen plays it cool, but you can totally tell how much she hates losing — and, of course, that makes it all the sweeter for Legend and Luna.

Teigen posted footage of the heated (!) game of hot potato to Twitter, with the caption: “I NEVER lose hot potato. Look at the haters living for my failure.” (The haters, of course, are Legend and 3-year-old Luna.) The family, sans baby Miles, are seated on the floor in front of a ridiculously gorgeous fireplace tossing around the hot potato. We admit that we were distracted from the game when we first saw the post, because we’re actually obsessed with all of their decor: The art! The end tables! The perfectly carved and Halloween-ready little white pumpkin!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: Luna, who’s sporting a fabulous pink tutu, does indeed seem to be plotting Teigen’s demise, and she makes no secret of her delight when she succeeds. “You lost!!” she shrieks at Teigen in delight, jumping up to wildly high-five Legend. “You passed it so fast, that was perfect,” he tells her. Aha! So they were scheming!!

While Teigen can’t help but smile at Luna jumping for joy, she’s determined not to let her title as champion go without a fight: “Okay, one more time!” the mom demands as the video ends. Let’s hope Luna and Legend survived the rematch.

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