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Jenna Dewan Will Host a New Dating Show & We’re So Intrigued by Its Setup

It’s been an exciting year for Jenna Dewan, and we’re about to see a lot more of her. Dewan will host new dating show Flirty Dancing on Fox, and the arrangement of the show is like nothing we’ve ever seen. As a former World of Dance host, Dewan knows her way around hosting a TV show, and it sounds like this new series will showcase all her best talents.

Originally a UK show, Flirty Dancing‘s US version will have few differences from its counterpart, Entertainment Tonight reports. Fox describes the show as “part performance, part blind date and all about romantic chemistry,” which sounds deeply cryptic but is actually a pretty accurate description of what goes down. A group of single strangers learn a dance routine, then have a “blind date,” on which they perform said routine with a partner. The twist? They’re not allowed to speak. At all.

In the UK version, it appears they only dance with one potential match to start. But the US version will have them dance with two different matches, and then choose “the one with whom he/she has the strongest connection,” per Fox’s description. We’re so intrigued about how well this could possibly work — what if you’re just a bad dancer, and have chemistry with no one? What is someone’s a fantastic dancer but a terrible person? Is dancing chemistry really a good indicator of romantic compatibility, and, if so, should we all delete our dating apps and sign up for group dance classes instead?

Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at Fox Entertainment, is thrilled to have Dewan on board. “Jenna is our dream host,” he shared in a statement. “She knows all about how powerful connection and chemistry can be on the dance floor. So there really is no one better to help guide these singles in their search for love.”

Incidentally, Wade agrees that the format is a thrilling departure from dating — and dancing — shows we’ve seen. “Flirty Dancing is a truly unique format — it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” he noted. “It’s fun, fresh and romantic, and broadens the dating format far beyond its traditional boundaries.” Far beyond its traditional boundaries, indeed! The show will premiere this winter on Fox — and we can’t wait to see the drama.

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