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Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Being Bullied By Harvey Weinstein — & His ‘Piggish Behavior’

The upcoming drama series The Morning Show will explore the #MeToo movement through its characters. But before it comes to Apple’s new streaming service, one of its stars is opening up about her own experience. In Variety’s Power of Women issue, Jennifer Aniston revealed Harvey Weinstein once bullied her by trying to force her to wear a Marchesa dress — and that’s not all Aniston divulged about the disgraced Hollywood mogul.

Aniston admitted that her run-ins with Weinstein may have been limited, but they effectively told her everything she needed to know about his character. In 2005, when she was working on the thriller Derailed, produced by Weinstein, he made a terrible first impression. “There was the premiere dinner,” Aniston said. “I remember I was sitting at the dinner table with Clive, and our producers and a friend of mine was sitting with me. And he literally came to the table and said to my friend: ‘Get up!’ And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And so my friend got up and moved and Harvey sat down,” Aniston recounted, adding, “It was just such a level of gross entitlement and piggish behavior.”

It wasn’t long after that Aniston was subjected once again to Weinstein’s entitled, bullish attitude.

It was around the time of the Derailed premiere, and Weinstein’s then-wife, Georgina Chapman, was launching her Marchesa fashion line. “He came to visit me in London while we were shooting. He’d be like, ‘OK, so I’d like you to wear one of these to the premiere,'” Aniston recalled, noting that the styles weren’t for her. “He was like, ‘You have to wear the dress.’ That was my only bullying. And I was like, ‘No, I will not wear the dress.’ … Well, what was he going to do? Come over here and make me wear it?!”

Granted, the behavior that Aniston experienced pales in comparison to some of Weinstein’s heinous alleged violations against women — including reported rapes and numerous other sexual assaults. That doesn’t invalidate her experience, though. In fact, it speaks to how deep-seated the narcissism and false sense of entitlement embodied by men like Weinstein really is.

It’s safe to assume that Aniston and her Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon will explore just how insidious and not-so-obvious this problematic behavior can be sometimes — until it is. “What’s so wonderful about doing this show is that it is so unapologetically honest in terms of topics and the situations,” Aniston told Variety. “It’s showing how things are said behind closed doors during [#MeToo], that no one else has the balls to say in front of the world.”

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