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Is Stranger Things’ Hopper Dead or Alive? David Harbour FaceTimes the Show’s Creators to Find Out His Fate

You aren’t the only one spending your spare time wondering about one particular resident of Hawkins, Indiana. In fact, Stranger Things David Harbour wants to know Hopper’s fate so badly that the actor took matters into his own hands this week — but, before we go any further, suffice it to say this is your official spoiler warning. If you haven’t watched the Season 3 finale of Stranger Things yet, well, you’re about to find out why people haven’t been able to stop speculating about it since it aired.

So, for those of us who watched, we had to suffer through the unthinkable: Harbour’s lovable, albeit cranky, Chief Hopper seemingly died when he made a choice that allowed Joyce (Winona Ryder) and the rest of the Hawkins crew we all know and love to escape. In the process, he appeared to be incinerated by the energy involved in opening and closing the portal to the Upside Down. But fans who watched the finale through the end credits found hope in a post-credits scene. Were the Russians in that clip talking about Hopper when they referenced “the American prisoner?”

While visiting Late Night with Seth Meyers, Harbour admitted that he initially thought he knew, but now he isn’t so certain. Though Harbour assumed Hopper would “make the sacrifice,” he, like so many of us, also assumed he was the American in the post-credits scene. The problem? “And then I haven’t gotten many phone calls,” he nervously revealed.

After processing the fact that he still feels in flux, Harbour then decided to do the only logical thing — get the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, on the phone. When the Duffer Brothers responded via FaceTime, Harbour didn’t waste any time. While turning the phone toward the camera to allow the clearly surprised brothers answer, Harbour pressed, “Am I dead? Is Hopper dead?”

Unfortunately for the fandom, the Duffers weren’t giving up the goods that easily. “I mean, we’re still figuring it out, David,” Ross said. To which Harbour hilariously snarked, “You guys are a ton of help. Really wonderful work. Good luck with Season 4.”

So, yeah. Womp, womp. We all still have to wait to find out if Hopper is, indeed, the American prisoner being held captive by the Russians, or if he was incinerated to the point that we’ll literally never see him again. It sounds like the show’s creators themselves don’t even know. On the plus side, the series has been renewed for a fourth season, meaning we will eventually get answers.

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