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Prince William & Kate Middleton Just Removed Every Mention of Harry & Meghan From Their Charity Website

Just when they were getting along so well! After briefly reuniting for a mental health PSA, the Sussex and Cambridge royals are drawing clear lines once again. Prince William and Kate Middleton have removed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their charity website, and the thoroughness with which they’ve done so is raising some eyebrows. While it may simply be an administrative shift to mark the change in leadership (Harry and Meghan formally split from the organization back in June, and announced their own organization in July), these changes bring to mind the rumors that William and Harry were feuding around the time the split was announced — and begs the question of whether that ill will has returned.

The organization previously shared by William, Harry, and their wives is The Royal Foundation, which now calls itself “the primary philanthropic and charitable vehicle for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.” In addition to removing Harry and Meghan’s projects from the Program section of their website (though not the History section), William’s bio now reads like this: “After founding The Royal Foundation, The Duke of Cambridge has focused his attention on tackling the illegal wildlife trade, cyberbullying, mental health stigma through the Heads Together campaign and supporting veterans’ employment.”

Funny thing about that: William actually co-founded The Royal Foundation, alongside his brother, Harry, back in 2009. Perhaps they were only allowed a certain number of words per bio? Somehow, it seems like William could have gotten the wording in there if he really wanted to.

The Royal Foundation now features five areas of focus: Mental Health, Conservation, Service, Young People, and Early Years. While the Sussexes and Cambridges will still likely work together on one-off projects like that Every Mind Matters PSA, these website changes solidify that the royal couples are going separate ways — and, hopefully, that’s all these changes are meant to convey.

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